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The Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings is more than our global headquarters — it’s a living example of what a healthy, safe and sustainable building can be.

We welcome our customers and partners to come experience it all firsthand when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, watch the videos highlighting our building, our company and all the ways we’re enhancing experiences, increasing operational efficiencies and protecting people and property around the world.

We'll be adding new videos throughout the year, so be sure to check back regularly.

Bringing Intelligence to Life:
The Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings

From behind the scenes building technologies to systems that adapt to the environment.

Healthy Buildings

With the right strategies and solutions in place, buildings can become powerful tools for human health and productivity.

Healthy Homes

With humans spending an average 65% of their lives at home, the indoor environment can have a big impact on health.

A Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain

How do foods, medications and critical vaccines safely and sustainably reach people around the world when it matters most?

Touchless Solutions for a Healthier Future

An increased focus on infection control is driving greater demand for touchless solutions.

Steps Toward Safety

A fast, coordinated response to potential emergencies is essential to the safety of building occupants and visitors.

Intelligence in Control

Operating an intelligent and sustainable building takes more than the right parts and pieces – you need a smarter way to bring it all together.

Enabling Data Centers

Data centers are the driving force behind modern businesses, economies, industries and even the internet itself. Explore how Carrier brings specialized expertise to help protect and enable these critical environments — starting with our own data center.

Iconic Installations

Protecting some of the world’s most valuable assets requires specialized solutions and expertise. See how Carrier has successfully delivered solutions helping protect recognizable landmarks, delicate artifacts and historic sites.

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We talk every day about Building Possible.
This is where we bring it to life.

The Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings is more than a high-tech, modern workspace. It’s a living showcase of what’s possible when our technologies are implemented intelligently and integrated to increase efficiency, protect people and property, and enhance the occupant experience.

Visitors to the Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings can experience the strength of Carrier's full suite of intelligent offerings in one integrated and interactive facility.

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